How to Remove and Refit Skirting Boards

How to Remove and Refit Skirting Boards

If your skirting boards have been damaged then, maybe it is time for you to remove and refit your skirting boards. While, you can always use the DIY approach given below, it is always recommendable for you to hire an expert to do the job for you. It is a rather risky and complicated process, so we would say hire a professional for removing and to refit skirting boards:

  • Prise board from wall:
  • If the installer has used nails or screws for fixing skirting boards to your house then, you would be required to reverse the process for the adjustment of skirting boards. They are screwed to the ground boards, which are known as pieces of timber that are installed to the bottom of walls at a spacing of 24 inches.

    One of the primary steps in the process is to pry the board with 1cm spacing from wall to access the end of the boards using nails or screws. Use protective gloves during the process, and use a crow bar against the ground boards to protect the wall, and prise the board off accordingly. Next, insert wedges into the gap that you created after prising the skirting boards to proceed to the next step of the process.

  • Cut screws or nails and remove board:
  • Next, you should look for where the nails or screws are installed behind the board then; use a hacksaw blade to cut it. Alternatively, you can use bolster chisel or hammer to cut through the screws. We suggest not avoiding this step, as it would help with preventing any damage to the skirting boards. Lift the skirting boards.

  • Refit the boards

Now, adjust the skirting boards to its correct position, and screw it to refit the skirting boards.